12 Gauge Exacta - 2.75

Exacta Rapax 12ga 2.75" Sz7.5 /25

Vendor: Fiocchi Ammo


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Fiocchi Target Loads Lines Products - We ofer the widest selection in our industry of target loads in all popular gauges for diferent applications to include heavy loads, light target loads, spreaders for close-in fast shots, and International -spec target loads. If you are shooting targets, chances are Fiocchi makes the right shell for any presentation and shooting style.


- Stock #: New! 12RACR75
- Description:
- Gauge:12
- Length :2 2/4
- Oz. Shot:1
- Velocity FPS:1300
- Recommended use: Sporting Clays - FITASC
- Tips:New Extra long range load - ideal for 40+ yards target - ultra tight patterns