4.5X-14-32mm Ballis Plex Mat PA - RTP Armor

4.5X-14-32mm Ballis Plex Mat PA

Vendor: Burris


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Timberline scopes are made to mount low on short action rifles to maintain the agile feel and balance of a short magnum. The new scopes' profiles are quite compact so Timberlines are in their element when in a tree stand in a scabbard or anywhere else space is in short supply. Generous amounts of eye relief have been designed in to allow the scopes to point quickly and to keep your face well away from the potentially abusive recoil of heavy magnums. A matte finish adds stealth to the equation.


- Magnification: 4x-14x
- Field of View: 17-6.3 ft 100yds
- Eye Relief: 3.75-5"


- Length: 11.3"
- Weight: 15 oz
- Reticle: Ballistic Plex
- Finish: Matte Black