45-70 Low Recoil Standard Pressure - 405 Grains, Jacketed Flat Nose JFN, (Per 20) - RTP Armor

45-70 LowRclStdPress 405gr JFN /20


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Buffalo Bore understand the need for some very powerful, yet lighter recoiling 45-70 ammunition that can effectively take any game in North America and most of the world. When firing their magnum 45-70 ammunition in light handy lever action and single shot rifles, the felt recoil is often unpleasant for some shooters. Hence these standard pressure low recoil 45-70 loads will fill a much needed niche.


- Caliber: .45-70
- Bullet Weight: 405 Grains,
- Bullet Type: Low Recoil Standard Pressure JFN
- Quantity: 20 Rounds

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