571 7TS GLS Slim HlstrBlckRHGlk 43 - RTP Armor

571 7TS GLS Slim HlstrBlckRHGlk 43

Vendor: Safariland


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The Safariland Slim 571 Por-Fit GLS is designed to fit multiple weapons and to be as small as possible focusing on very slender CCW friendly weapons. Straight up draw once GLS lock is intuitively deactivated by middle finger during the draw (just as with other 578 models). SafariSeven material will not mar the finish on the gun and the holster is designed to accept larger after market night sights. Unique to these "slim" models is a "micro paddle" which is installed and included on 571 models. Same 3-hole pattern found on other Safariland holsters allows for all belt mount options.


- Compatible With:
Glock 43 3.39"
Springfield XD-S MOD.2 45 3.3"
XD-S 3.3"
- Holster Style: Outside the Waistband
- Draw Hand: Right
- Muzzle: Open
- Material: Polymer
- Attachment Style: Paddle & Belt Loop
- Color: Black