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Fiocchi 12 Gauge

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This 3-1/2" shotshell load from Fiocchi is designed to bring down turkeys with extreme prejudice. Each shell fires a 2-3/8 ounce column of #6 nickel-plated lead shot that leaves the muzzle at about 1210 feet per second and will put down large birds with ease. Used largely for hunting purposes "super magnum" shotguns and their extra-long shells provide additional firepower at the cost of additional recoil. An Italian-owned company with both US and Italian production facilities Fiocchi is a well-known manufacturer of ammunition for a wide variety of purposes ranging from self-defense and law enforcement to hunting and target shooting.


- Bullet Weight: 2-3/8 oz
- Bullet Type: #6 Shot
- Use Type: Turkey
- Quantity: 10
- Ammo Caliber: 12 Gauge
- Shot Material: Lead
- Shell Length: 3-1/2"
- Muzzle Velocity (fps): 1210