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Fiocchi .308 Winchester

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Fiocchi Extrema Ammunition is loaded with premium bullets from popular component manufacturers a broad spectrum of cartridges are offered for competition shooters hunters and law enforcement. Produced with precision cases and reliable Fiocchi primers this ammunition is new production non-corrosive in boxer-primed reloadable brass cases.

Sierra GameKing Bullets are designed for hunting at long range where their extra margin of performance can make the critical difference. GameKing bullets feature a boat tail design to bring hunters the ballistic advantage normally found with match target bullets. The streamlined tapered base of the boat tail greatly reduces drag which results in higher retained velocity greater striking energy a flatter trajectory and less wind drift than comparable flat base bullets.


- Caliber: 308 Winchester
- Bullet Weight: 165
- Bullet Type: Sierra Game King HPBT
- Muzzle Velocity: 2745 FPS
- Quantity: 20