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Sig Sauer 300 Black Out Open Tip Match

Vendor: Sig Sauer


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When the shot counts you want ammo you can count on every time. You want ammo like Elite Performance Ammunition from SIG Sauer. This match grade ammo is produced from only the best quality components including Sierra Match King open tip match grade bullets. Ideal for suppressed AR rifles this subsonic ammo provides superior accuracy increased downrange terminal performance and low noise level characteristics.


- .300 AAC Blackout
- Sierra Match King Open Tip Match bullet
- 200 Grain
- Subsonic
- Reloadable brass case
- Use for tactical applications target competition. Ideal for suppressed firearm.


- Muzzle velocity 1000 fps energy 488 ft/lbs
- Velocity at 25 yards 992 fps energy 480 ft/lbs
- Velocity at 50 yards 983 fps energy 472 ft/lbs
- Velocity at 100 yards 960 fps energy 457 ft/lbs