Fiocchi  7mm Remington Magnum - RTP Armor

Fiocchi 7mm Remington Magnum

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You put a lot of time into preparing for your hunt. So when it comes time to take that shot you need to make sure you have the best. Fiocchi Extrema Rifle Hunting Ammo won't just meet your expectations; Fiocchi Extrema is engineered to exceed your expectations!

The Extrema line offers reliably performing products for every kind of hunt. This ammo is loaded in the U.S.A. utilizing the best hunting bullet offerings from top manufacturers along with top quality powders and selected components. Fiocchi's goal is to make every shot you take count and help you fill your freezer!


- Type: Fiocchi Extrema Rifle Line
- Caliber: 7mm Remington Magnum
- 150 Grains
- Scirocco II Boat Tail Spitzer
- Reloadable Brass Cases
- Non Corrosive Primers
- Muzzle velocity: 3100 fps
- Muzzle energy: 3201 ft/lbs
- Uses: Target Shooting Competition Hunting
- Box Quantity: 20