Hornady 9mm Luger - RTP Armor

Hornady 9mm Luger

Vendor: Hornady


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Hornady Critical Duty Ammunition offers Law Enforcement Tactical Professionals and those looking for a great personal protection round ammunition that wont let them down. This ammunition incorporates two new revolutionary Hornady Features: Flex Tip bullets that initiate consistent expansion while preventing clogging and the InterLock band which locks the jacket and core together preventing separation and ensuring maximum weight retention. This bullet has proven terminal performance through ALL FBI test barriers. The core on this revolutionary bullet is made of high-antimony lead alloy making it tough delivering controlled expansion and loaded in nickel plated cases to help prevent corrosion.


- Caliber: 9mm Luger
- Bullet Weight: 135 Grain
- Muzzle Velocity: 1010 fps
- Muzzle Energy: 306 ft. lbs.
- 25 Rounds Per Box