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Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

Vendor: Sig Sauer


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Reliability and accuracy are the hallmarks of Elite Performance ammunition from SIG Sauer. SIG combines dependable primers combined with premium clean burning powders to produce ammo that performs consistently with minimal barrel fouling. The bullets have a durable copper jacket designed to stay with the lead on impact. This ammo is manufactured to SIG Sauer's exacting standards and is intended to be the perfect combination of performance and affordability.


- .45 ACP
- Full metal jacket
- 230 grains
- Reloadable brass case
- Use for target practice competition.


- Muzzle velocity 830 fps energy 352 ft/lbs
- Velocity at 25 yards 816 fps energy 340 ft/lbs
- Velocity at 50 yards 803 fps energy 329 ft/lbs
- Velocity at 100 yards 777 fps energy 308 ft/lbs