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Remington Corelokt Ammunition

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Remington Core-Lokt was the first and original controlled expansion bullet and remains the standard of big-game bullet performance. Its level of reliability is only exceeded by the amount of game it has taken over the years. Remington has been the leading innovator in modern centerfire cartridges - not only the bullets but also Kleanbore the first non-corrosive primers the brass historically preferred by serious reloaders and best blends of the finest powders available.

Express Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point Bullet
Unquestionably the best all-around choice for modern big-game hunting. By adding a sleeker nose profile and higher ballistic coefficient to the dependable controlled expansion characteristics of the Core-Lokt soft point it combines exceptional bullet penetration and performance with flatter trajectory and higher down-range velocity and energy. The result is reliable expansion of almost 2x caliber diameter at virtually all ranges and practical velocities.

Packed 20 Rounds Per Box 10 Boxes Per Case
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