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Federal Cartridge 40 Smith & Wesson


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Federal Premium Personal Defense Ammunition is an excellent choice for law enforcement agencies as well as concealed carry permit holders. The unique center-post design of the Hydra-Shok Hollow Point delivers controlled expansion while the notched jacket provides efficient energy transfer for maximum penetration.

These personal defense loads feature increased muzzle velocity and energy compared to standard loads the penetration and stopping power of Premium bullets and reduced recoil. This ammunition is new production non-corrosive in boxer primed reloadable brass cases.


- Caliber: .40 Smith & Wesson (S&W)
- Bullet Weight: 155 Grains
- Bullet Type: Jacketed Hollow Point
- Case Type: Nickel Plated
- Quyantity: Per 20

Ballistic Information:

- Muzzle Velocity: 1140 fps
- Muzzle Energy: 447 ft lbs