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Federal Cartridge 12 Gauge


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Federal Wing-Shok Magnum loads feature extra hard copper plated lead shot for tighter patterns less feather draw and maximum penetration. These magnum loads featured a buffered shot. These heavier payloads make them move faster than a typical shotshell load. In order to create this long range lethal pattern Federal uses a buffer. Buffered shells feature padding around the lead pellets. These buffers protect and support the shot when fired reducing deformation of the pellets which result in tighter patterns. If you are a serious upland bird hunter there is no better ammunition then Federal Premium Wing-Shok Magnum.


- Gauge: 12
- Length: 3"
- Shot Size: #4 Lead Shot
- Ounce Shot: 1 7/8

Ballistic Information:

- Muzzle Velocity: 1210 fps