Digital Sentry NV Monocular2xLED IR - RTP Armor

Digital Sentry NV Monocular2xLED IR

Vendor: Bushnell


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AR Optics Digital Sentry Night Vision 2x monocular is multiple carry helmet and weapon mounts are included or it can be used as a handheld device. The night vision is powered by an 850 nM LED IR Illuminator with an intensity control for clear images in any level of darkness and a viewing area reaching out to 220 yards. It serves as a 2x magnifier during the day and can be used with a red dot as a night aiming solution. The Digital Sentry is an excellent tool for hunters outdoorsmen homeowners and even paintball enthusiasts - anyone who needs to see clearly in the dark.


- 850 nM LED IR Illuminator
- 330x224 pixel full color LED Display
- 220-yard range


- Helmet mount
- weapon mount
- J-arm bracket


- Finish: Black
- Power Variability: Fixed
- Minimum Power: 2
- Maximum Power: 2
- Resolution: 330x224 pixel
- Effective Range: 220 yds.