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FastFire III /No Mt

Vendor: Burris


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The FastFire Red Dot Reflex sight is the most versatile red dot sight on the market. Mount it on your favorite handgun shotgun or hunting rifle for greater accuracy and faster target acquisition. You wont need to worry about sight alignment eye dominance or finding your target. Just put the red dot on your target and pull the trigger.

Compact and lightweight the FastFire wont affect the balance or handling plus it offers unlimited eye relief parallax-free 1x magnification and simple operation.

FastFire III with 3 MOA or 8 MOA dots. The FastFire III offers upgraded features such as windage and elevation adjustments that dont require a special tool a convenient power button with three levels of brightness and an automatic brightness setting and battery access on the top of the sight making it easier to change batteries. Burris also added a low battery warning indicator and see-through protective cap.

Ideally suited for use on pistols and AR-15s where fast target acquisition is desired the FastFire red dot sight will also match up well with carbines lever guns and shotguns. Both the FastFire II and III are ruggedly designed impervious to the elements and will hold up to years of punishing recoil. Youll find a wide selection of mounts for either model that will fit on most popular shooting platforms.

- FastFire III without Mount 3 MOA Dot