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Handgun Hunting Down Under DVD

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Handgun Hunting Down Under Imagine experiencing a hunting trip where you truly didn't know if you'd come back in one piece Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson came close while hunting the "outback" of Australia. One small mistake while trekking through the bush could have easily meant he'd be steam rolled by a 2000 pound Buffalo or get gored by a vicious wild boar. And that's not including the other deadly challenges such as venomous snakes huge saltwater crocodiles and shark-infested rivers.

Always drawn to a new challenge Lynn is potentially the first big game hunter in the world to take the Big Five (Elephant Cape Buffalo Rhino
Hippo and the Lion) and the Dangerous Seven (the Big Five plus the Leopard and the Crocodile) with an iron sighted handgun. And in this video
you will see his skills put to the test yet again. Share in this unique hunting experience "Down Under" as he takes on huge Asian Buffalo and wild boar of Australia with his trusty Ruger .44 Magnum RedHawk and Super RedHawk revolvers. In his 30 day hunt throughout the Northern Territories Lynn will take them all on armed only with his
.44 Magnum revolver and his favorite Hornady Ammunition