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Mepro MX3 Magnifier with Tavor Adaptor

Vendor: Meprolight


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The MEPRO MX3 provides a decisive operational solution for any soldier in the field as well as for military snipers. Its 3x magnification enhances the precision and effectiveness of reflex sights such as the MEPRO 21 and the MEPRO MOR. Manufactured to the highest military standards to assure years of reliable operation under all field conditions the MEPRO MX3 extends shooting ranges with no need to re-zero the sights. Any soldier can use it easily and benefit from its advantages.
The MEPRO MX3 magnifying scope attaches to any standard Tavor behind a reflex sight by means of a quick release adapter. In adverse situations it can also be attached behind the regular metal sights.


- Compact lightweight and rugged
- Simple to attach doesn't interfere with firing
- Does not require zeroing
- Attaches to any standard Tavor
- Wide field of view allows getting into firing position quickly
- MX3 increases the range of effectiveness of the weapon with a reflex sight
- MIL-STD-810 qualified