Military/LE Snap Caps Variety Pack - RTP Armor

Azoom Variety Pack Military/LE

Vendor: A-Zoom


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A-Zoom has listened to your requests, and paid attention to the folks who buy the A-Zoom Snap Caps the most, and now A-Zoom has tried to make things as easy as possible for some of the most common customers by putting together the calibers you need into handy variety packs. A-Zoom Snap Caps, perfect for training, now conveniently packaged to meet your specific needs. Get all of the calibers you need at a substantial savings over buying multiple calibers individually.

Military/LE Pack Includes:

- (2) 9mm
- (2) .40
- (2).45
- (2) .223
- (2) .308
- (2) 12ga.

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