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Never Unarmed DVD

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A free man has the inalienable God given right to defend his person family loved ones and property from violent assault unlawful seizure confiscation or trespass. Since firearms are currently at the top of the force continuum it is essential that a free man possess them in abundance and be skilled in their use or he will not long enjoy his precious freedom. Never Unarmed is a very broad look at an enormously wide subject the firearms and ammunition you need to own or acquire for recreation hunting survival and self-defense.

Filmed over 2 1/2 years it's a HUGE undertaking and features Lynn C. Thompson with the gloves off as he discusses the pros and cons of air guns .22 handguns .22 rifles mini revolvers pocket pistols service revolvers service pistols big bore handguns single shot handguns single shot rifles double rifles bolt action rifles pump action rifles lever action rifles semi auto rifles single and double shotguns pump action shotguns and semi automatic shotguns. In format Never Unarmed will be mostly show and tell with tactical and training insights from time to time as well as thought provoking demonstrations regarding the use of cover concealment improvised fighting positions home-made shields and much more. At times the presentation can become quite graphic as Lynn teaches how to defend yourself against dangerous animals as well as how to neutralize violent human adversaries.

Meant for an international audience it offers lots of options for those who don't enjoy the freedom security and access to justice we do in the U.S.A. and are already severely restricted in their ability to keep and bear arms.

Absolutely chock full of non stop action graphic demonstrations and exciting feats of speed accuracy and fire power Never Unarmed is guaranteed to blow you away and change the way you look at and think about firearms forever.