Snap-On Skins for Glock 17 Slides - Olive Drab Green - RTP Armor

SoS for Glk 17,22,31,&37 slides-OD GN

Vendor: Mako Group


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Attractive texturing gives excellent grip on slide. Available in multiple colors. May be painted in camouflage patterns, bright colors or zombie gore as desired. Fits in many soft (leather, nylon, etc.) holsters. For use in hard (Kydex or molded polymer) holsters, use a Glock 21 holster. MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite.

Can be used for force-on-force training to identify friend or foe. May also be used for competition, zombie shoots, etc. to allow customization of a pistol without permanent alteration of the pistol. For training purposes, or for use as a fun accessory. Popular with competition shooters as grip on slide is improved, especially when hands are wet, or sweaty.


- Fits: In many soft (leather, nylon, etc.) holsters
- Color: Olive Drab Green