Suburito - RTP Armor


Vendor: Cold Steel


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The Suburito is a specialized ancient training weapon that’s meant to simulate the weight of a real Japanese sword. Primarily intended for solo practice or cutting drills it inspires respect as it hits with terrific force. Cold Steel's interpretation was inspired by a wooden Suburito in Akido 5th Dan Andrew Demko’s private collection. Cold Steel's President Lynn C. Thompson trained with it for several months and resolved to create one for Cold Steel. Injection molded from virgin high strength polypropylene with a long handle and square tip it’s enormously resistant to breaking and will never shrink rot crack or splinter like a wooden Suburito is prone to do. It’s built to provide many years of hard service and if used faithfully it will surely make you a better swordsman. It has an elegant wood grain finish and bears the five major precepts of Japanese sword cutting written in Kanji characters.


- Weight: 39.1 oz.
- Thickness: 1"
- Blade Length: 31”
- Handle: 14"
- Steel / Material: Polypropylene
- Overall: 45"